Guangzhou ,come on over and visit a spell

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Guangzhou ,come on over and visit a spell Empty Guangzhou ,come on over and visit a spell

Post  blueyankee44 on Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:23 am

When visiting Guangzhou ,give us a call ,come on over and visit for a spell.
The wife and me,are always trying to make it easier for others whom are successfull in obtain
ing their Visas while we are still involved with the Embassy-Crats,and our own supreme daughter
whom appears to take her time for Co Sponsoring .So while our waiting is the main theme,we have
wanted to extend ourselves to helping with the tensions of waiting in a strange Foreign City ,for
your others Visa.
We always have the time,and if wanted or needed the wife is always able to translate and is a
reliable Cantonese whom tries never to let you down once she makes a promise and the efforts she
puts forth are guaranteed Free !
We are living close to the Canton Tower and watched it being built among many other interest
ing features which are new every day and being completed for Tourist.We can take you where
Tourist seldom ever are taken to Tmples and older parts of the city,and if there is no time then
we will have to forego that adventure.
Having lived here for five years,we get a little lonely for American faces and the language.
The wife is the main person I am able to share English with as she continues to learn hoping we
eventually make it to the USA shores.
So dont be afraid,just leave your contact information here if you are interested .We enjoy
meeting new friends.

Jim Very Happy


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