It would be great if everyone came together with conversation.

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It would be great if everyone came together with conversation. Empty It would be great if everyone came together with conversation.

Post  blueyankee44 on Sun Jul 10, 2011 11:33 pm

[b] Boy,I will never hear the end of this Topic.
Its a great thing to have a forum and to enjoy each others company.To find the right elemen
ts necessary to promote continued conversations enjoyable for one and all.Why let a possible great
forum with knowledgeable members be dismissed and have wasted talents and information kept a
secret when all can learn from each other.With a little patience its assured everyone can find a neutral medium and converse with everyone and leave prejudice aside .

There are many events occuring in both Nanning and of course more in Guangzhou.Each city has
a lot to offer to everyone and there are current members in each,to acquaint members with the
most lovable aspects of each city.
In Guangzhou,My wife and me are always eager to show and take around persons whom are to
wait for Visas.Sometimes even able to accomplish reasonable room rates,and good restaurants.We
are perceptable with the many top tourist areas of the city and outside suburban areas.We are also privy to some Budah Temples not on many tours and other parks which are free and also have
a fee.We will be able to manage many things for you while you wait for your Visa or other business
in Guangzhou,and many times we just try to help,when you run into a situation.We can at times
even secure discounts on perchases if necessary.
So feel free to contact us and tell those whom come to Guangzhou there is one American living
there whom is free at most any time .We usually are capable of making sure you are able to get the true Cantonese meal experience and sometimes a variety of entertainment where dancers are
concerned.Take a chance ,and Adopt New Friends in Guangzhou.
Thanks and Good luck during your stay in China.


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