What is happening in Nanning?

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What is happening in Nanning? Empty What is happening in Nanning?

Post  danny on Sat Apr 07, 2012 6:51 pm

Hello everyone!! Anyone.. Can you believe it is already almost the middle of April 2012? Tax time is just around the couner. I better get going. I haven't filed yet.

How is Nanning? I miss it. Anything new and exciting happening there? Is there a new Bird and Flower market? The old one is closed , right? How is that tunnel entrance/exit that pops out of Nan Hu Lake? On google map I can see something but it but when moving in for a close up the view is distorted. Well I hope things are well in Nanning. I wonder how much she has changed? DannyB


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What is happening in Nanning? Empty Nanning Expat Group Alive and Well

Post  Tinribs on Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:14 pm

Hi Danny,

Life is still good in Nanning with the expat group now meeting up several times a week in some of the old haunts plus some new ones. All are welcome to join us.

Wednesday lunchtime is Origus Pizza House in Wangfujing from 11:30am onwards.About 12 of us on an average meet up there.

Friday lunchtime is the new German Restaurant (Andy's) on Donggelu which is being well supported.Saturday night is Just for You which I'm sure you know.

Sunday luchtime is the German again followed by JFU.

The awful Winter weather has now gone and it's nice and warm again.


Mike A


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