Tunnel near Nanhu lake

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Tunnel near Nanhu lake

Post  danny on Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:46 am

Hello!! Is any one out there? I just wanted to say that I was in Nanning a couple of months ago. I was only there for a few days. I haven't been there for about 1.5 years. Things are changes. This place is open and that place is closed. It is funny but I sometimes use various KFC's as a point of reference when trying to describe locations in Nanning. Well they have change or closes down two of the KFC's that I was using. One of them was displaced when a louis vuitton store
was put in across from it. The other one is on Minzu DaDao. I this it is called the Dream Island store. They moved it around the other side of the building.

I just wanted to mentioned . When coming into Nanning from the airport we used the new tunnel near Nanhu lake. I got a kick out of that ride. I heard that they built it and I could see that the location near Nanhu Lake on google map had changed somehow. We had taken a taxi from the airport and took a different route then we normally did.

I wonder when we will be seeing the new transit system in use.

Well I hope everyone is doing well. Dannyb


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