The Old Post Office in Nanning

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The Old Post Office in Nanning Empty The Old Post Office in Nanning

Post  danny on Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:32 am

Hello,  first, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  I hope in this year of the Horse that you and your families are blessed with great happiness, wealth, and good heath.

    On my last trip to Nanning I was taken to the "old" Post office in Nanning.  Has anyone else been there before?  It is just next to the the Yong Jiang Hotel.  If you are facing the entrance to the hotel and the river is to the rear of you the  property is to your right.  There is a property with a fence in the front and next to that there is restaurant that has a property with a wall in the front whose entrance is one of those picturesque (a Chinese style) round entrance arch way. It opens up into an Chinese style courtyard. I think there is another building to the right of those two.  I believe all of those buildings served as Nanning's post office about 60-100 years ago.  They are what I would call a French Colonial style buildings.  The first building may be a private business now.  The building with the round archway is a restaurant now.  I used to walk by these buildings on my past visits to Nanning.  Wondering what their stories were.  Well on my last visit to Nanning  some friends mentioned that they want to show me an old part of Nanning.  The Old Nanning Post Office is where we ended up.  On my next trip I hope to take my friends to have lunch there. I found it an interested place to visit.   Danny


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