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The first month Empty The first month

Post  Stevoo on Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:44 am

Hey all,
Finally back in the saddle here. Been keeping up with Clif on the adventures he's having and wanting some of my own!

My wife and son arrived here 9/15 and are adjusting well. The first week or two were a blur of activity trying to get them settled in. They've met some close friends and extended family but the majority of the time, it's the three of us doing stuff, museums, parks, baseball games and just hanging out. As the weather changes, less and less time outdoors.

Last week, after 30 days here, they recieved their 10 year green cards, so we're all set there, now, we're waiting for SS numbers (going to need those in January for sure).

My son started school almost right away, so after work, it's home to work with him on homework and enjoy some wonderful meals. We've worked it out that she cooks during the week, and I handle the weekends. That seems to satisfy my desire for western food and it gives her a break from the kitchen!

So, that's the short version, I'll post more as the adventure continues. Hope you all are well!!



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The first month Empty Re: The first month

Post  danny on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:33 am

Stevo, Glasd to hear that everything is going good with you and your family. I am sorry but I have a memory like a rock. You may have discussed this on the old forum. You said that your wife and her son received their 10 year green card. That was quick!! Were you married for more than 2 years before she came to the states? Also the SS numbers , how does applying for one get set into action. Is it something automatic done at the port of entry or did you have to go done to the local SS office?

I wish you family happiness.



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