Paul, How rude!!

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Paul, How rude!!

Post  danny on Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:55 am

Hello Paul, How are you and your wife doing in NY? Did you get any part of the snow storm that NY had last week?

I want to aplogize. You were nice of enough to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving and I did not respond. So very rude of me. I check this forum out often at work but I don't sign in and when I get home I often will not check it out. Also I have been under some stress lately. So many things to finish up and yet no time to finish them. I have been putting in a lot of extra time trying to get some of those things done that I think I am just getting so punchy. I need a break!!

I hope you and wife had a great Thankgivings. She has been with you in the states for....about three years now? How are things going? How does she like life in New York? You are lucky to be with your Lao Po.

I had a belated turkey dinner with some Chinese friends last Saturday. The turkey was delicous . I was able to see old aquaintances that I had not seen for years. My friend's boys are all "growed" up now. I loved teasing them about the cartoons they used to "simply had" to watch. Especially good old Sponge Bob!! The food was good. Chinese and American. A great mixture. The company was even better! Again I apoligize for being so rude.

Please take care...

Your friend,

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Re: Paul, How rude!!

Post  premington on Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:11 am

Greetings Danny!!!

Wow... Now I'm the (unintentionally) rude one! I totally understand, so please don't apologize. I'm in the same boat, really. It's been a few weeks since I've checked in here because of the usual reasons most of us have. But I do apologize to you too.

Hu Yue and I are doing great! She took her driver's test and failed Crying or Very sad, but will be retaking it on Monday. Hopefully she'll pass this time, but we'll have to wait and see.

Oh yes, we're slammed with snow up here, but nothing more than the usual amount. Amazing to consider it's still not even winter, technically.

Reading your words asking if it's been three years since Hu Yue arrived, I initially thought, no, it's way too long, but you're actually almost correct. OMG! Astounding how fast time has gone... It's been 2-1/2 years, actually. Time has just flown since she's arrived. She's been the greatest gift in my life and hopefully I'm the same for her.

Well, I hope the holidays find you spending special time with friends and loved ones and we both hope you all are doing well. I'll have to check back here more often now that the holiday time off is slowly beginning for me. I have a four day weekend this weekend, then only four work days for the rest of the year. Nice to have a break.

Hope you and everyone else on this forum are doing awesome! Ni hao! cheers


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